Important Life Lessons You Should Teach Your Kids


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When you consider having a kid, do you ever picture him in his adult life?

Remembering to say please and thank you is the most important life lesson we can teach our children, according to 80 per cent of the nation’s parents.

There are many things that you may want your kid to know and learn. As parents you would always want your kids to grow up as loving, kind, happy and successful individuals. You want them to love and to be loved by all.
Can you judge yourself as a parent in an objective way?
What values would you print in your child?
What would you want him to inherit from you?
You may dream of giving him the world, but if essential lessons are not learned, do you think it will matter so much showing him the cities of the world?

You become role models for your kids at home before they are introduced to the big world. Kids learn everything fast. They will always require you to guide so that they follow right path.
I think whatever your lucky or less lucky star may be, regardless of the social class to which we belong, there are some important lessons to learn the first seven years of life. Lessons that make us humans:

  • Goodness: I teach my boys not to scoff or taunt. Not ever. To show empathy and care.
  • Help Kids Find a Way To Tell the Truth. The best way to encourage truthfulness in your child is to be a truthful person yourself.
  • Encourage Them To Take on a Challenge.
  • Patience: I think it is essential for a child to understand that he doen’t deserve everything by default and that desires are not fulfilled immediately.
    Teach him to wait, to postpone a pleasure, to pursue their goal with perseverance.
  • Do not envy: do not try to constantly encourage excessive comparisons and competitive spirit. Teach him that he is sufficient to himself the way he is and that others’ gifts and benefits will not harm his qualities.
  • Decency. It’s difficult to repeat the same story so many times, but it is worth it. You need more consistency to teach a child good manners, respect for people or things and a lovely demeanor in public. The parents’ behavior speak more than a thousand words.
  • Self control: it is one of the most valuable lessons and one of the things I want to reinforce in me: controlling your tone of voice, craving for sweets and unhealthy foods, nerves, frustration, negative emotions.
  • Do not just pursue their own interest: it does not seem healthy to teach your children to do anything for e purpose. I’m trying to sow seeds of friendship, teamwork, empathy, be unselfish and to see the good in others.
  • Teach Them To Think about Others’ Feelings.
  • Optimism: For the child learns to think positively through imitation. If we are constantly tormented by dark thoughts, anxious and bleak, so they will become.
  • Be Generous with Your Affection. Parents tend to think that children are naturally loving and generous with their affection. This is true, but for loving sentiments to last, they need to be reciprocated. It’s chilling to realize that over the course of a typical busy day, the phrase „I love you” is probably the one that a child is least likely to hear.


Basically I believe that a child imitates what he sees in the house.

And I think all these lessons are actually a description of love.

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