The Sleeves


  Whether it is fallen, with shoulders rounded and bulky, voluminous sleeve has its moment of glory, adding a modern and exceptional twist altogether, when combined with mini skirts or slacks. This trend seems to attract more and more the photographers and style bloggers attention, and you can find it in almost any shop this spring. What difference ...

Can a woman have initiative without being considered desperate?


  Men with initiative are considered romantic and determined. Women with initiative are considered mad and desperate. Being considered a model of masculinity, the man is somehow associated with "acting" and the woman with "reacting". The man must have the active role, and the woman the passive role. I say "must" in an ironic-sarcastic tone, because an inverse approach ...

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How To Master The Double Bag Trend


  I have been meaning to ask: are there women who dislike bags? But what if you can't choose between two lethal bags? Wear both bags. In the same outfit. You're probably a pro at double bagging (in the non-grocery sense) already, though carrying your lunch in a canvas sack, your sneakers in your ratty gym bag, or your ...

Mahabis, The Essence of Chill


  I know I've suggested underwear as outwear. Then the apron outside the kitchen. Before you may consider me insane, I admit it all. :) What I wanted to ask, have you ever been down to the corner store in your house slippers, by mistake? It happens to me frequently. At first I went out like this by ...

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  Pleasure being fleeting, desire being lasting, men are more easily driven by desire than by pleasure. Those women that graduated men's school know that discourses on high topics are just empty words and men wants the body and everything that exposes the body in an attractive light; and they proceed accordingly. :)   That being said, I wish ...

20 things you didn’t know about cheese


When it comes to cheese, whether it's hard or soft, goat, sheep, cow or buffalo, fermented and unfermented, enriched with noble molds, plain or smoked, I can not live without cheese. Word! Give me cheese, please! Cheese is a product made of milk, produced in a variety of shapes, textures and flavours.   It is produced throughout the world, ...

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