15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Stockholm At Least Once


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Stockholm might be the most stylish and prosperous city I’ve ever visited in my life. But there are a lot of other reasons why you need to see it at least once.

Stockholm is about good life, good system, care, order and respect.

  • With various canals separating the islands of the city, built on 14 islands linked to 57 bridges, Stockholm was named in the past “North Venice.”
  • Often known as “the largest small town” or “the world’s smallest big city”, Stockholm brings together not less than 70 museums.
  • Stockholm is an agglomeration of larger and smaller islands linked to bridges, footpaths, roads or highways, and under and over the subway and urban and suburban trains drive people back and forth. Boats, sailing boats and ferries carry locals and tourists either to work or to relax. When people will fly alone then Stockholm will have all possible and impossible means of transport.


  • The Metro is known as the longest art gallery in the world, most of which are decorated with paintings, sculptures and mosaics. An interesting journey in the art world of the 50s to over 90 subway stations or, more precisely, 90 art galleries.


  • In 2010, Stockholm was named “Green Capital of Europe”. How? Cleaning up lakes in the city, reducing carbon emissions, reducing motorway traffic in the city center, developing the public transport network and investing in bicycle tracks.
  • If after dinner you take a step through the city and meet a deer, you should know that there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. Because in Stockholm people, foxes, hedgehogs, elk and deer live together. Deer are accustomed to wandering so you’ll have time to take a picture of them. Returning to Gamla Stan, you will best appreciate the charm of the Swedish capital with a walk in the Old Town, the place where the medieval cobblestone streets tell true stories of the past. Here is the Royal Palace, dating back to the eighteenth century, being an example of the baroque architecture. Do not miss visiting the interior, for the Baroque and Rococo-style Apartments.
  • One of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden is the Vasa Museum, built between 1626 and 1628, on the order of King Gustav II Adolf Vasa, who wanted a great, impressive, powerful ship. Unfortunately, the ship sank just 1 km from the harbor at the inauguration, killing 50 passengers.
  • Skansen: the largest natural park in the city, dedicated to Swedish traditions (a kind of Village Museum in Bucharest, but absolutely huge and well-done). Here you will see how Swedish bread is made and you can taste some Swedish specialties.
  • Raggmunk are traditional potato pancakes, with pieces of roasted pork or fried bacon and, of course, next to the almost wild jellyfish jam. Delicious, trust me!
  • The City Hall is one of the most famous buildings in the Swedish capital, as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. You do not have to miss the official tour of the passing building and the most beautiful room – Golden Hall. The walls of this room are covered with golden Byzantine mosaics, for which over 18 million pavements have been used. The Town Hall building is also famous for the prestigious Nobel Prize. If you are going to climb the 365 steps of the Town Hall tower, you will be rewarded with superb views across the city.
  • SOFO District. If you want to experience more than the tourist side of Stockholm, then you should also explore the SOFO district. This area has become a favorite place for Swedish designers in recent years, being named after the famous SoHo neighborhood in New York. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the true life of the Swedes, but also to discover innumerable shops and boutiques with superb pieces of furniture, clothes or even paintings.
  • Grona Lund amusement park. It is located on the Kungliga Djurgården, an oasis island in central Stockholm, where you can find many monuments, museums and galleries. When my friends Irina and Roxana took me first to Grona Lund, all I knew about it was that it boasted the highest “Freefall” in Europe, 80m in a few seconds. After I left the park I knew nothing, neither about it nor me, hahaha! 🙂 Great adrenaline-loving and strong sensations, I can say that now I get dizzy only if I pass through the area as a pedestrian. 🙂

amusement park fun adventure grona lund stockholm

  • While walking on Gamla Stan, you also have to stop at the Royal Palace. The palace is in the center of the Swedish capital and is used by the king for official purposes. Currently, the royal family lives in the Drottningholm Palace, located on Lovön Island, on Lake Mälaren.
  • Fotografiska Museum. For photographers and photography lovers, it’s a must-see. The museum has over 5,500 square meters of exhibition space, being one of the largest contemporary photography galleries. The museum’s collection is one of the most celebrated photo exhibitions in the world.


  • The ABBA Museum is one of Stockholm’s most popular tourist attractions. For fans of the band’s beloved, this museum is a true dream come true. If you have listened to a song or two at least once in your life, this museum should not miss your route through the Swedish capital.



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