Layer Like a Pro



In case you haven’t noticed, winter is cold. Seriously, bad cold. Yet, I insist to be chic, so my chance is to leave the house like an onion: dressed in layers, to keep the appropriate fashion language.
The trick with layering is to “throw” various items of clothing on you so as to maintain the optimum temperature of your body, avoid looking fat and make it look effortless…Although it is not 🙂
What I mean is that you should keep in mind a few tips and the effect will be one of the best:

1. Do not overlap more than 3 pieces of clothing. You wouldn’t want to create the impression of a fat silhouette, right?

2. Play with lengths. It doesn’t favor you to combine pieces of clothing that have the same length, so count on clothes of different lengths.

3. Combine several types of clothing, taking into account your height and figure. If you are short, don’t cover your derriere.

4. Avoid bright colors and prints if you are voluptuous.

5. It would be natural to wear thin clothes at the bottom. As sheets are further from the body, the volume of the materials may increase.

Ultimately it is the normal reaction to cold, but we can make it chic and funny! 😉
Gentlemen, you can try to wear layers too; there is nothing sexier than a woman’s delicate hand that removes male clothes, electrified against an appealing anatomy. 🙂

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