3 Simple Steps to Grow the Beard


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The beard was always the symbol of masculinity associated with strength, wisdom and leadership.

In movies, the king had a beard. The tribal chief had a beard. The old wise man had a beard. It’s a statement of power.
From a psychological point of view, it is a sign of maturity.
From a female perspective, it may represent attractiveness and ability to be a responsible husband and father.

But beyond the sexy appearance, do you know how to grow a beard ?

Rule #1

Growing your beard is a commitment. If you try to give it a shape faster than 4 weeks is most likely that you trim too much.
After 4 weeks you have two options: either let it grow further or give it a shape.

Rule #2

Do not forget to use beard oil as soon as you decide to grow it. It will give you a fresh, younger, healthy air…and kissable. 🙂
It sounds like a difficult job to manage due to lack of hair density.
They say men that are able to reach a reasonable density and reach a decent beard are prone to hair loss.


  • Another thing: do not fall into the trap of: “If you shave, it will grow faster.”
    Testosterone has a huge effect on the growth of facial hair. Because it’s how hair follicles appear. Beware, stress affects male hormone levels. 🙂

Rule #3

Quality facial hair is given by the consumption of vegetables, fruits and everything containing vitamins.
Once increased and having the desired shape, you need to pamper it as you do with the hair on your head. Wash it, apply shampoo, why not a conditioner, rinse. Always use quality products, they will make your beard soft.


  • As a basic rule, jaw line and facial features can radically change. You can not undo what you trim. 🙂
    Always start with the bottom of beard around your neck. Perhaps it would be better not try this at home, until you get used to this…
    Even though it seems a difficult job, growing e beard is definitely worth the trouble!
    Men with a beard are soooo sexy! 😉

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