3 Steps to Smokey Eyes


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Have you ever makeup while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green? Have you ever got honked while applying mascara in the rearview mirror? In case you never experienced any of the above, then this post is not for you. 🙂 I don’t encourage you to do that while you’re in traffic, but then again, a woman must always be impeccable. 🙂
Here are my 3 steps for a successful smokey eyes makeup:

  1. Choose a gray eyeliner. Black may seem tough and artificial and is just not right for day time and it may not be right for any color of the skin or eye. The gray intensify better and gives depth in a subtle way. Draw the line all along the upper lash line and stop before reaching the folds. The more messy the better, so don’t worry that you have not drawn the line perfectly or you think there’s no symmetry.
  2. For the bottom line use a medium tone and do not go all the way along the line or your eyes will appear smaller. Stop somewhere in between. With a thin brush or the finger spread it out and take away any hard edges.
  3. Choose black mascara for the upper lashes and start deep at the root. For the bottom lashes use a brush and then you can apply a layer of mascara.

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