A Spectacular Hat Can Elevate or Destroy Your Outfit


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Your face is the first thing most people notice about you, and a hat will intensify their first impression of you. That’s why wearing a hat will complement your personal style and will help you feel confident to give off a fabulous impression.
Whether we are talking about the wide brimmed fedora, the sporty or the summer hats, there is no other accessory with a greater capacity of taking you out of the crowd.
A spectacular hat can elevate or destroy your outfit. Regardless the season.
When choosing a hat, I have in mind a few tips that may help you too:

1. The hat must fit to your face shape. If you have a round face, choose a low-brimmed hat. If your face is long, choose a hat with dramatic details (feathers and bows). If you have a square face wear an asymmetric hat. And if you have a heart shaped face, you can choose almost any style.

2. Take into account whether it suits the current season. Felt and wool hats look great during fall and winter. Straw hats provide ventilation and the removal of trapped heat.

3. The right fit. Choosing the right fit can make all the difference when it comes to appearance. Try hats on in store, or measure your head circumference if buying online. If it’s too big, flying off in the wind is a risk. And you’ll look funny.

4. Hair length. A close-fitting cloche may look better with shorter hair. Floppy wide-brimmed styles may be better suited to longer hair styles.

5. Tilt. Fedoras should be worn low over the eyebrows, whereas trilby and shorter-brimmed hats look better when worn tilted back on the head.

6. Make sure it matches the outfit. It doesn’t have to match precisely all you’re wearing but it does help if the style of hat complements the clothes you’re wearing.


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