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It was definitely not love at first sight. It is a very expensive product, wrapped up in an attractive pack. I told myself “it’s just marketing” and that’s it. Besides, I’ve always considered age to be just a number and the moment I was supposed to start using an anti-age serum was like a warning sign. I was not at all impressed by the fact that it was world’s best sold product or that it got Caroline Hiron’s approval, even though she was an expert in the face-products industry. My arrogance faded the moment I got a bottle as a present. The product comes with a pipette and has a liquid consistency. It is scent-free and it penetrates the skin quickly. You can use it for all the face and neck area, if you bare the waste. 🙂

It is like a promise to reduce the aging visible signs. All you have to do is apply it every evening, before the moisturizers and you wake up like a fairy in the morning. 🙂

Beyond the fine irony (I can afford it), the serum is really good. It’s not that I used to have a wrinkled skin, but I’ve had a few fine lines. Guess what? They aren’t there anymore. And if you skip the pipette ritual, you can see the difference in the morning. So here I am, buying the second bottle with my own hands. 😉

God, is this addiction? 🙂

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