15 amazing things you didn’t know about Sweden


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Sweden means much more than IKEA, H&M, ABBA, fishing, cold and blonde people. For many Romanians it means home.

Because Sweden is unique. And magical.

  • Winter mornings in Sweden are like nowhere else. The sun rises at around 9, and at 14:30 overnight begins. In summer things happen the other way around. It’s dark at 23 o’clock and morning at 3 am. The further you go to the Northern side of the continent, the difference between day and night over a year is getting bigger. In summer there is almost no darkness at night, and in the winter you barely have time to read a magazine outside, for a few hours. You don’t get to see the sun over your head at lunchtime. Rendering, it describes a circle somewhere in the distance (slightly above the horizon line), then it sets.

  • Sweden boasts the largest number of patents in Europe: cardiac pacemaker, ultrasound, matches, refrigerator (a paradox?), dynamite, and computer mouse are just some of the Swedish innovation. The Minecraft computer game was invented in Sweden. Ericsson Telecommunications, Spotify application too.
  • Sweden is about to become the first country in the world to completely remove oil for biofuels.
  • In Sweden you can pay almost anywhere with the card. Stay in the queue, just insert your card into the POS, key in your PIN and pay. Sellers rarely touch your card.



  • School is free, and children receive free lunch at school. University is free, and you get more money as study aid, probably starting with 18 years. Private schools like gymnasium / high school are also free. There are also paid private schools, but they are rather for adults who want to do some intensive courses. Only for extra-school courses there are fees.
  • Then there are the cultural specifics and colour spots that have made or not a world career and you have to come to Sweden to truly discover them – like snus: the tobacco you place between the lips and the gum, replacing the need for smoking.
  • Then you have the healthier concepts, the well-known Swedish buffet, lagom and fika.

FIKA is a snack – coffee, tea or lemonade, and cakes (mostly cinnamon cookies), which today is associated with one or two breaks (at 9.00 am and about 15.00 in the afternoon) which colleagues take together during the day of work.

LAGOM means something close to “just fine” – a sort of not too much or too little, just as it should, which implies social behaviour and, why not, a moderate lifestyle.


  • Swedish people drink more coffee than any other country in the world. (Sure, they know the good stuff :))
  • The Swedes, the British and the Finish have the right to travel without visas in the majority of the countries of the world, only with the passport.
  • The largest mall in Europe is located in Gothenburg – Nordstan.
  • Almost all houses in the country are red and wood.


  • In Sweden over 260,000 reindeer live (as a third of the Stockholm population). Indeed, remarkable! Because the population of Sweden is roughly equal to that of New York City.
  • The Swedish people do not use curtains on their windows. The reason is common, considering the situation in the Nordic countries regarding the sun light. In the winter months, the Swedish benefit from extremely little natural light, so they take full advantage of the sun’s rays left.
  • Swedes are very concerned about the environment, so 30% of the city’s surface is covered with water, 30% of parks, while air quality is one of the highest in the world.
  • 89% of Sweden’s population speaks English.


Photos: Visitsweden.com, Cognitiveedge.com

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