BB cream, CC cream or DD cream?


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Although foundation is sensational, sometimes you may feel that is too much for a day, you can feel your skin loaded. So it is time to use BB cream, CC DD cream or cream.
The options are so many when it comes to these miracle products.
Do you know the difference between the three and how to choose them?
BB cream (Blemish balm or beauty balm)
The first BB cream was designed to cover scars to patients who have suffered burns or surgery.
It is considered a care product, not of makeup, tinted moisturizer with a light texture. BB cream moisturizes the skin, covers imperfections, provide sun protection, masks dark circles, improves wrinkles, evens skin tone and glowy. It is very soft, you can successfully use it as primer before foundation.
CC cream (control color / color correcting)
CC cream is closer to a foundation than a moisturizer. It hides imperfections, provides sun protection, minimizes pores. It is not considered a foundation as it prevails care effects, not those of makeup.
It works as a primer, powder, foundation, concealer, concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, cream-whitening, lightening, anti-aging cream, minimizing pores.
DD cream (daily defense / protection Daily)
It is a more concentrated product from all points of view and has the power of hydration and skin protection against aggressions of external factors, but also as masking imperfections, to hide scars, skin tone correction. It can color the skin of the face and body as a bronzer.

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