40 Awesome Things to Do When You’re 40


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1.  Fall in love  even if you’re 40 without losing yourself in “us”.
2.  Resign, break up with someone and confront a friend without ruining a friendship.
3.  When to try harder and when to quit.
4.  Kiss in a way that communicates perfectly what you’d like to happen next.
5.  Live alone, even if you dislike it.
6.  Assume that you’re 40.
7.  Accept that you can’t change the length of your legs, the width of your hips and your parents’ nature.
8.  Take a sexy weekend getaway and have sex like you did when you were in your early 30s.
9.  Know what you would do and would not do for love and money.
10.  Know that you can’t get away with smoking, drinking, using drugs or not flossing for too long.
11.  Not to apologize when it is not your fault.
12.  Admit when you’re wrong and apologize to that person you’ve owed an apology to for a while.
13.  Do something in the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of but have never done.
14.  Do whatever you want to do, what makes you happy, not what people want you to do.
15.  Give and accept compliments.
16.  Stop buying and collecting unnecessary things.
17.  Take a trip with your friends, no kids. If you’re single, plan an all-girls/ boys trip.
18.  Do something crazy you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared to.
19.  Take one hour a day to do something for yourself.
20.  Start a new workout program—try something you’ve never tried before.
21.  Flirt once in a while; it’s innocent and can make you feel alive again.
22.  Host parties at your home and really go for it.
23.  Hang with your family more.
24.  Build something—even if its just LEGOs.
25.  Start your mid-life crisis, freak out, then move on.
26.  Accept the fact your eyesight is going and wear those sexy glasses the doctor gave you.
27.  Don’t give a damn what anyone thinks! You’ve gotten this far.
28.  Get weekly acupuncture, massage or some time at the spa.
29.  Take a nap during the day or at least shut your eyes—and don’t be interrupted.
30.  Take a moment to re-evaluate things and change whatever you might not feel confortable with anymore.
31.  Make a point of reclaiming the things that made you feel alive.
32.  Learn another language. It gives you a richer way to experience the external and internal world.
33.  Make amends. Feeling butt-hurt about something someone did to you is beneath you. Letting them know that you’re over it is the ultimate big-balls move.
34.  Plan and schedule doctor’s visits to prevent bad stuff from happening.
35.  Make new friends. The next time you meet someone whose company you enjoy, invite them out for a drink.
36.  Drink moderately. You’ll live longer than those who don’t, and have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and stroke than teetotalers.
37.  Grow your mind, exercise your brain.
38.  Eat different foods, increase social interactions, identify different smells and sights along your route to work, change your usual seat at the dinner table.
39.  See your favorite band live at least once.
40.  Go for it, whatever that is, without any hesitation: you’re halfway done.

… so enjoy every second of your life because it only happens once

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