Can I Borrow Your Shirt, Baby?


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You spent the night at his place, ignoring the fact that you’re going to the office in the morning 🙂
Fortunately, his shirts are quietly waiting in the dressing for you to wear them.
If you are reading me then you know I’m in love with shirts!
Why not wear his too? 😛
The idea is not to seem masculine, just borrow a detail to add personality; it’s all in the balance.
I find it as the perfect piece for an androgynous look, minimalist or good to modernize the seemingly austere trousers.
You may wear those white or light blue shirts, with hard collar or pearl buttons. It may be slightly higher, without exaggeration (avoids XXL shirts).
Never wear it with skinny pants or leggings!
For a casual outfit you can wear it with chic trousers, Oxfort shoes, a cozy sweater, leaving the cuffs and collar at sight.
You can wear it with a pencil skirt, very high heels stilettos…and why not, a sexy lace underwear…letting loose two buttons…?
After all, if you borrow his clothes, at least make sure he likes what he sees 🙂 Maybe you like something else from his dressing tomorrow. 😛

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