Can You Fix People By Loving Them?


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The bandage relationship.
The transit relationship.
It is a love ricochet.
It is the bandage occurring as a result of a need to occupy your mind, heart and bed with someone else, even though you are full of bleeding wounds.
It’s the fear of loneliness.
It’s a virtual parade thrown in front of the former/ex, giving out a false happiness.
It is a connection with another person that helps you feel not at its peak emotional pain caused by the recent breakup.
It is sometimes a frog that you need to kiss.
Is it fair to lean on emotions fluttered in your eyes of the hand that holds yours even when you do not deserve it?
Do you deserve the overflow that you receive?
It is fair to receive it all, knowing that you do not need it or do not know what to do with it?
It is fair to break another heart consciously?
Once you’ve wiped your tears, who will hold the person you used as an emotional buffer?
Or, on the other side… is it likely to immerse yourself in such a relationship in which you provide without expectations?
Is it enough to get crumbs from someone you’re given your soul?
Why look for a man who runs away from you and run from the better half that is probably looking for you?
Perhaps each of us is destined half a soul to find. Or at least to look for. And it depends on where you’re willing to look for and how much you’re willing to invest.
Can you fix people by loving them?

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