Capricorns are Born Adults and Become More Youthful with Age


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Capricorns are born adults and become more youthful with age.

According to Capricorn, there is only a right way and a wrong way to do things and this idea makes some Capricorns closed minded, stubborn and reluctant to agree with others. This is an ongoing lesson for Capricorns, knowing that there is more then one way of doing things and even though their way is usually right, it does not mean that they have to impose their ways on others.

Half goat, half fish. Slippery and cold as a fish.
Capricorn is sensitive like a piece of stone, ambitious and hard as granite or so they say.
How do you cope? Chisel and hammer. For its shell.
It’s kind of a financial adviser for Hagi Tudose, always tore from so much kneeling in front of his personal vault.
He considers he is indispensable and must have control of all things. If this is not possible, there is an issue 🙂
Suffers of “that’s it?” sindrom, almost always frustrated and depressed.
If you argue with them, they return to the subject until they win or you quit. If you prove you’re right, it is just the beginning of a new round of disputes.
Capricorn invented double standards. Because of them we still have schools of good manners.
If you think that he is the one, you have to own at least 51% of a company. And even then they make you sign a prenup, writing that dowry is not refundable in the event of a disagreement. As for the rest of your property, it should marry another pension fund. 🙂
They have a rare survival instinct. In the event of nuclear war they probably would find a way to survive. And only them.
They are masters in the art of manipulation starting childhood.
They were born with a special ability to detach from situations and people, which can be a double-edged sword sometimes.
Capricorn is always on guard, does not allow himself to fall in love, to feel.
They are sensitive and sincere, calm and have developed an analytical and rational mind and, important qualities that make him a cool friend.
Capricorn oscillates between feelings and people, without being too adventurous or spicy. Told you they are born adults and become more youthful with age. 🙂
Never make fun of them, they get pissed!

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