Cool Ways to Wear Polka Dots



Dots are and will always be fashionable as long as you know how to wear and accessorize them with jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats and matching purses. If not, you will have an extremely unsuccessful, loaded outfit, so you need to know some basic rules.
I remember childhood dots. When I recently reviewed Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman wearing a polka-dot dress I realized that I love dots. And that we can wear them regardless the age, without being too much, without seeming girly or unaesthetic.
You can wear them at the office too, without losing your authority and your serious touch.

If you are careful to keep proportions, dots will give a chic note to your outfit.
What I mean is that if you choose a piece of clothing with polka dots, go for a minimalist makeup and a casual and simple hairstyle; the remaining parts of your outfit preferably not be girly and fussy, loaded with other prints.
Of course, if you assume to be a bold fashionista, you can venture to match with stripes with polka dots, for example. 🙂
I assume that I can not please everyone. 🙂
For a vintage look you can wear a scarf with polka-dots to a simple dress.
You can do a mix & match between a collar and a belt with polka dots to a simple black dress.
Or a veil brooch with dots?

To me, umbrellas with polka dots seem chic. It’s like I have a chance to cheer me up and not take myself too seriously in a gloomy day. 🙂
Dots are nice and express joy, while also giving you a retro touch. The good part of this type of print is that you can wear it at any age. Whether you like combinations of colored or monochrome spheres, do not hesitate to wear them and express your personality.
The most controversial myth is that if you are rather voluptuous, you should avoid wearing dots. That’s wrong. Regardless of the shape of your body, you can wear any print as long as you choose it in colors and sizes that will benefit you. For dots, choose the little ones as drops. Avoid big bulbs on dresses or shirts, you have a big chance that they will overcome round shapes. To make sure you do not fail, try an asymmetrical dress in bullet, pastel or warm colors.

Dots shoes are another courageous choice. Whether you like to wear heels or sports shoes, they can be very enjoyable as long as you manage to get the right attitude. Even so, I do not recommend that you wear them at the office or on a meeting, it does not help much with a first impression. You can wear them in your spare time, out in the city or when going for a walk with your lover, where you can feel relaxed and enjoy the retro touch that they give you.
For a more crazy evening or for dinner with friends, dots are a very good choice. You can choose a black dress doubled with a spoon veil. And in order not to look like a black widow, choose a pair of shoes in vibrant colors – blue or green. The purse must be of the same color.
Dots are everywhere. Very glamorous and easy to wear, this type of print can easily be worn daytime and in the evening and it helps you get a very chic outfit.

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