Crash Course in Dressing Guys


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Maybe you guys do not need so many things that women consider essential, but do you know anything about the crash course in dressing guys and what should not be missing from a cool guy’s wardrobe?

The foundation of the male style lies in basic elements, essential in the proper construction of the wardrobe.
The evolution of contemporary style and gentleman has led us in a direction where modern means simple and practical, but where details make the difference.

A well dressed guy needs 3 types of shoes in his repertoire:

  • Sneakers. The key here is to keep it simple
  • Oxfords. They work for both casual and dress-casual situations.
  • Boots. They are a choose-your-own-adventure situation: punk, worker or architect style.

Every guy should have a slim pair of jeans he can break in himself like a big boy.
Timeless raw denim: fits amazing no matter if you’re tall, thin, short or stocky.
Classic Denim: You can buy three pairs in blue, black, and white. dressing up for a casual look.
Pants and chinos: Roll up the hem for a more casual look. No break is the most modern look.
Casual Jackets. It should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe.
Denim jacket. Versatile. Sexy as fuck! 🙂
Leather jacket. For colder days.
Bomber jacket. It should look slightly shrunken. A cotton or lightweight option for warm weather.
Suits & Blazers. They have to fit perfectly. The sleeve shouldn’t cover the hand at all. The shoulders of the jacket need to hit right at the peak of your shoulders and hug them snugly.
The shoulders need to fit perfectly – everything else you can tailor. Burberry’s slim two-button suits in grey or navy, but also suggests trying something in a colour like burgundy or green.
Dress shirts. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But it has to fit perfectly. The collar shouldn’t be too pointy. The neck must fit properly too; sleeve length and the width of a shirt can be easily tailored, the rest, not so much.
T-Shirts. James Dean and Marlon Brando are your t-shirt spirit guides.
Look for a shirt that is shorter in the body & sleeve. As for colours, make sure you have the staples: black, white, navy, and grey.
Belts. Black leather, silver hardware or chocolate leather belt with antique gold hardware. – classic. Show your personality with a colorful belt.
Ties. The tie should graze the top of the pants. The width of the tie should be in proportion to the lapel of the suit jacket.
You should have some cotton ties for when it’s hot out and some wooly ties for when it’s cold.
Socks. Shorter pants mean you need a strong sock game. It’s nice to have something to show off, like a thin or thick stripe, floral, or gingham print.

Fashion is constantly changing its trends. However, these men’s clothing pieces are insensitive to these waves, which remain the key to the formation of a sleek and functional masculine wardrobe and a crash course in dressing guys.
Even if each man has different styles and tastes, these few classic pieces of clothing are the basic elements of any man’s dressing that wants to leave the impression well-dressed.

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