Dare to Show Your Bare Shoulders


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I find it alluring to leave a shoulder in sight (or both) in a subtle way. 🙂
The “off the shoulder” trend was the signature style of actress Brigitte Bardot, and of style icon Elizabeth Taylor.
Dresses and tops with shoulders funds are chic, comfortable, feminine and versatile, being suitable for any night out.
I know you’d say it’s too much for the office, but I have a different opinion…and arguments for it. 🙂

You can wear a sleeveless poplin shirt with flounces around the chest. Put a pencil skirt or a pair of culottes and you get a good outfit, but chic at the same time.
If the top/sleeveless dress has flounces applied, you’re ready for dinner or party.
I consider the shoulder as one of the most feminine body part in a nice way, without a hint of vulgarity.
Do dare!

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