Do’s and Don’ts for Short Women


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It hardly rained when I was born. 🙂
Just so you know that I have no problem with my height, remember that petite women have more estrogen so they are more feminine 🙂
Let me tell you what I learned all those years about what petite ladies should wear and shouldn’t wear:

  • Wear vertical accessories and necklines in V.
  • So as to look taller you can wear monochromatic combinations, thus creating an unbroken vertical line.
  • Do not wear shoes with ankle strap over. They make you look shorter, giving the sensation of short and thick legs.
  • Wear prints on top.
  • Wear vertical and small designs. The horizontal ones make you look widen.
  • Wear skirts ending above the knee, pencil skirts, with stilettos, it will make you look taller.
  • Avoid long skirts because you’ll seem shorter.
  • Avoid coloristic contrast between the top and the bottom.
  • Avoid round-toe heels. Sleek pointy-toe heels will do wonders for your legs.


And do not forget that attitude is important and that men prefer petites! 🙂

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