How To Master The Double Bag Trend


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I have been meaning to ask: are there women who dislike bags?
But what if you can’t choose between two lethal bags?

Wear both bags. In the same outfit.

You’re probably a pro at double bagging (in the non-grocery sense) already, though carrying your lunch in a canvas sack, your sneakers in your ratty gym bag, or your travel essentials in a duffel is probably more out of necessity than a styling trick. But, the new, polished trend of layering bags allows you to comfortably carry all your gear without over stuffing your bag — while looking extra cute in the process.

It is well known that women have the tendency to wear everything but the kitchen sink in their bags. 🙂
This double bag trend solves a large part of the issue.

For the look to seem purposeful and not haphazard, make sure you’re pairing the bags together correctly: Think about them as shirts and pants.

Chanel came up with this smart idea that we salute and have adopted immediately.

The big fashion houses have created one XXL bag and a smaller one that is worn across the first.
The advantage is that you can wear both during the day and if you go out in the evening and have no time to change, you can only keep the little one.

Or, you may carry two medium bags in different colors.
Fendi prefers the micro bag hanging as a keychain on the bigger one.
As a more accessible version, Desigual came with the same principle, small bag inside a large bag. They can be worn separately or together.
I bet we’ll find a way to fill them both! 🙂

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