Ever since the goat has discovered coffee, size matters…


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I can not live without coffee. And it’s not safe for you to be around me before I’ve had my coffee. 🙂
If we are to work together, it is advisable to make sure that we pass by a 5 to go coffee shop and if not, I would appreciate it if you propose that our meeting should be held in one of the 50 locations.
At any time of the day. Like you know, what can you do between two coffees? Have another coffee … 🙂
In fact, Voltaire used to drink up to 50 cups a day!
It seems simple, but good coffee is not available to anyone. That’s why I’m glad that Radu and Lucian, the 5 to go founders, covered almost all areas of the capital with this 100% Romanian brand.
I do not know if you are aware, but coffee was discovered by goats. According to the legend, an Ethiopian pastor discovered that his animals became more energetic when feeding them some red wild fruits.
When he tried the beans, he realized they had the same effect on him. At first coffee was eaten as beans, and then the beverage was invented, as we know it today.
That’s why I pray for the goat every day, as due to this sacred animal you often see me with a glass of 5 to go coffee in my hand.
And because size matters (you still wonder about it ?!) fall comes with good news: 5 to go upgrades so that me and others like me have enough of the magical coffee!
5 + 5 because “Bigger is better!”
One year ago, the new 5 to go glasses with Miss Latte and Mr Espresso were released.
Now it’s time that 5 to go officially launches a new glass, a bigger one!

Meet #MrBig!


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