From Work to Cocktail Hour- How to change a day outfit into an evening outfit in a few simple steps


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Turning an office outfit into one suitable for an evening in town is often a difficult task. But if you know how to choose the right dress, some effect accessories and hairstyle, you can change a day outfit into an evening outfit in a few simple steps and be ready to party in just a few moments.

I am sure you saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and you certainly remember the scene where Audrey Hepburn accessorizes a simple black dress with a chic hat, gloves and stilettos, turning an ordinary day outfit into an evening glam one.
Of course, we do not really wear gloves and tiara with pear much These Days, but it is extremely simple to adjust an attire, when you consider the accessories.
No need to have an extra dress with sequins that you change in a hurry in the office toilet.
The solution for transforming a simple outfit into an evening outfit is in the magic trio – accessories, makeup and hair!
The secret is to always have some accessories in your bag to turn you into a diva: a statement necklace, a fashion hood or a belt for the waist, a clutch and a hair product or a red lipstick.
We are so busy and fashion has become so permissive in options, that you basically need just a touch of creativity to save precious time.
The easiest way to change a touch of an outfit is to start with the little black dress, one that every woman has in her wardrobe. Pair it a jacket, a statement necklace and a red lipstick or a clutch and black or red stilettos and you’re ready to rock.
For an office outfit, you can combine the dress with a white jacket or even a colored jacket, provided that the chosen shade is found in the dress print, to avoid the situation where your outfit is too visually busy.
As for accessories, choose a nude bag to fit all the items you need to refresh your image and limit yourself to just a few delicate accessories. Wear a pair of nude stiletto shoes.
If you decide to wear a statement jewelry, use a more natural makeup and fix your hair simple.
Here are some suggestions to inspire you how to change a day outfit into an evening outfit in a few simple steps.
If you need more, I’m here for you to help! 🙂

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