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When it comes to holiday destinations for the gay community, profile tourism is growing more and more from year to year. After all, who would not feel good in a community where everyone shares same ideas or passions? This is the reason why there are more and more well-organized gay communities in which any willing person can feel free, away from those who are less liberal.
Here are some friendly destinations for those in the gay community:

Prague – Czech Republic

It could be among the first cities in Eastern Europe for the LGBTQ community. Although the Czech Republic still does not recognize marriage between people of the same sex, there is the same legal protection for homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals as heterosexuals, and public opinion has  generally agreed to this equality of rights. For transsexuals, however, the situation is more complicated, although changing, the discriminatory attitude being, unfortunately, a local problem.
There is no “gay neighborhood” yet, but there are many gay-friendly areas and gay community scattered throughout the city. These
being said, Vinohrady is certainly the neighborhood of entertainment. Every August, Prague hosts a Pride festival, which is becoming more and more popular though it is at its first editions. Visit Prague in August for celebrations, then enjoy the sun on the banks of the river

Lisbon – Portugal

It does not have a single, clearly designated area where all gay community members are gathered. Rather, Barrio Alto has a lot more comfortable, intimate bars, and gay-friendly pubs that can be hardly distinguishable from the trendy ones for heterosexuals.
For a southern European country, Portugal is relatively open and liberal.

Gothenburg – Sweden

It hosts a Pride event that takes place in the city’s most important cultural institutions every June for a weekend, with a series of events including shows, discussions and screenings of LGBTQ-themed movies.
Although there are gay bars and clubs in Sweden and LGBTQ’s are both much accepted in society, that the need for separate spaces for the members of this community is not too great.

Munich – Germany

It is an oasis of tolerance and progress, with a prosperous scene of the gay community, most of which are concentrated around the street
Müllerstrasse from the young and eccentric Glockenbachviertel district. There is a very popular Christopher Street Day parade, which has been taking place since 1980 every June and it is of course the LGBTQ event of the year. Also, there is the Gay Sunday during the Oktoberfest festival where thousands of gay in shirts and lederhosen shirts (shorts of leather, with straps) come in huge tents to drink beer and spend quality time.

Marseilles – France

The New Cancan, the largest gay disco in Marseilles, is a very popular place. Free entrance,  transvestites and weekend cabarets surely help keep its popularity. Being the second largest city in the country, of course, Marseilles has a Pride parade so full of fun. France has a very good legal position on the rights of LGBTQ people in general, being without a doubt a tolerant country.

Brighton – England

Perhaps for many of us, Brighton, the little British city, is known for the huge number of theaters and his influence in European cinema. For nearly 100 years, Brighton has also become a true gay paradise.
One quarter of the city’s population, about 40,000 people, belongs to this community, and Kemptown (or Camptown) is the neighborhood where you will find a few dozen, if not hundreds, places for the gay and lesbian minority. Bars, hotels, cafes, antique shops, libraries, saunas, or specific shops complete this miniature city of gays. Do not be surprised that local authorities have even developed a tour of the neighborhood, a tour called “Gay’s the World”.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

It is considered the European capital of gay communities: about 30% of the Amsterdam population is made up of members of this minority. There are over 100 nightclubs, hotels, shops, sports clubs, choirs and services specialized for gay people. Amsterdam also hosts the first Saturday of August each year, the only water-based parade for homosexuals and lesbians, a parade attended by people from all over the world. And if it does not seem to be enough, you have to say that even more important is the April 30 event, Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day), an event that the gay community celebrates around the so-called Homomonument, a monument erected in memory of those killed by the Nazis during the Second World War, due to the orientation of their sexuality.

Barcelona – Spain

L’Eixample, or Gayxample, is the main bargaining area dedicated to the gay community. It is in the northwest of the area of Central city and can easily be reached with both foot and metro, especially from Universitat and Urgell stations. Expect to find an extremely crowded area, due to the large number of homosexuals and lesbians that are attracted to this part of the city.
It must also be said that the difference between Amsterdam’s hedonism and the gay community in Barcelona is due to the elegance and style of the
follow. Those who prefer a sunny, more gay picture of the gays can find the giant beach of this Spanish metropolis.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin Liberalism is already legendary and, with a mayor, Klaus Wowereit, who did not hesitate to declare publicly: “Ich bin schwul, und das ist
Auch gut so “- (I am gay and this is a good thing), nor is it surprising that gays and lesbians can feel in the German capital as home. Berlin has no neighborhoods or ghettos for the gay community. Instead, there are many places where they can meet and socialize. A huge crowd is also gathering in every beginning of June at what the locals call Schwul-Lesbisches Strassenfest (Gay and Lesbian Parade), one of the largest and most important events in the world.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

The capital of Argentina has long been a center for the LGBTQ community in the country, even for those in neighboring countries.
San Telmo, the city’s oldest barrio (neighborhood), is undoubtedly the “gay neighborhood” of the city, with many cafes, bars, clubs and
Night life for the gay community. Recommended are Pride Café, for a coffee and a cake in the afternoon, and the Beverage Flux Bar Matinals in a trendy setting with friendly atmosphere. During the day, you must attend the San Telmo Street Art Tour.
As far as the relationship of law with the LGBTQ community were concerned, Argentina was the first Latin American country to legalize marriages of the same sex, and may be one of the most progressive countries in the world on the rights of transgender people. Here they allow that any person over the age of 18 can change their sex in official acts, depending on the assumed identity, without need of surgery for sex change.

If you are looking for alternative destinations as a LGBTQ tourist, I hope to help you with these friendly locations for those who are part of
From the gay community.

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