How Dreams are Related to Reality


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I don’t know if you ever experience nightmares or strange dreams. I do. That’s the reason I read a lot about the topic. Because I am sure that, neither in life nor in dreams, things are not random. Now, regarding the way they are connected to reality, that’s the hard debate.

Some believe that dreams are the side effects of memory and they prepare us mentally to respond to a reality in imaginary circumstances. So they are always related to something from reality.

Physiologists believe that dreams are person’s past unconscious or sometimes they are undeviating effect of daily acts of a person – whatever has happened with a man during the last few days becomes embodied in him in his thinking while sleeping. It happens to me pretty often.

Also, unfulfilled needs become a cause to witness a dream- for example a hungry man sees food in his dream.
It is also said that if you fear something or someone, you may dream about that certain thing repeatedly.
Nutritionists believe that there is a strong relationship between dreams and body nutritional requirements. For example if a person witness white spots on his skin in his dreams, it means that he calcium deficient or if he witness hair fall in his dream it means that he is suffering from iron deficiency.

I’m looking forward to dreaming that I am a skinny millionaire, based on the fact that you can’t escape what you fear the most! 🙂

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