How Stress Affects Your Skin


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Recently broke up with stress. Did you know that stress affects your skin?

It took me some time to realize that I have been in a vicious circle, my body being rebelled and resentful when stressed.
When British researchers said that stress affects brain, body and skin, I haven’t taken it seriously.
Let me tell you what happens to you when you feel overwhelmed and what might help you:

1. Stress can aggravate preexisting conditions
If you have a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, when you’re anxious and stressed beyond measure, you will notice that on your skin. It attacks the immune system first, then your skin/face!
2. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep leaves signs on your skin/face: swollen red eyes, dark circles, all consequences of stress that keeps you awake, thinking instead of relaxing and sleeping peacefully.
If you have frequent sleep problems, a facial cream containing caffeine, used in the evening, may have beneficial effects, it tightens skin around your eye area if you’re having trouble clocking eight solid hours of sleep.
3. Stress can cause hair loss. It is advisable to consume at least 20 grams of protein per day and also to take vitamins.
4. Nervous tics. In critical periods, people can overdo anxious nervous tics (eg. Plucking hair, red nails, skin peeled etc.). Try to use an anti stress ball or to meditate.
5. Isolation. Because you’re exhausted and have no energy and no mood to go out where everyone empathizes with your problem and highlights what you already know, that you look like hell! Breathe deeply and go out!
6. Cellulite. Stress produces toxins and water retention in your body so that its activity is hampered. Toxins are accumulated, joining fat cells and detention of water and thereby form the fat deposits underlying cellulite.
7. Wrinkles. I know that sometimes we joke about certain situations or people that have aged us. Unfortunately there is some truth here. Because stress has a big effect on DNA inside cells. Stress may damage or kill cells. And before you think that a wrinkle cream can do wonders, you better start working on your mindset.
Yes, you can do it!

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