How The Human Brain Works


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People are different. They think differently. Act differently. Because every brain works differently.
The human brain is home to our emotions, knowledge and skills, the tool for reason and will, one that never sleeps.
I found it interesting to learn that the cerebral hemispheres, although complement each other, perform different functions. The right hemisphere controls the left side and the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body.
So the brain is somehow “crossed” with the body.

THE RIGHT HEMISPHERE – figurative and imaginative
– manages artistic senses
– synthesis prevails
– converts images into mental representations
– boosts creativity
– coordinates the five physical senses
– manages emotions and affectivity
– operates with perceptions, representations, experiences
– keeps experiences in the imaginative world
– confers fantasy, intuition and creativity

THE LEFT HEMISPHERE – logical and rational
– manages justice, networking and language
– coordinates the five physical senses
– analysis prevails
– operates with comparisons
– it is effective, useful
– maintains experiences in the physical world
– transforming perceptions into senses
– confers extent, judgment and operates with reasoning

Although at birth the two hemispheres work equally, most people reach adulthood to use their cerebral hemispheres unequally, depending on skills and dispositions or the environment they live in.

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