How To Wear a Silk Scarf


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The silk scarf is to a woman what the tie is to a man, and the way you tie it says a lot about your personality.
You can wear it around your neck, on your wrist or your head. Just like the hat, it can add a touch of chic to your outfit.

In the 70’s women used to suit almost any outfit with a scarf. This is why they are somewhat labeled as “sophisticated” and “mature”. If you make sure the print coating is minimal, modern and fresh, accessorizing your outfit in this way will not throw you back in time if you don’t want it.

Big square scarves are the most common, so you can always fold it in half and continue to do so until it becomes one slim line.
The slim & diagonally cut one that is long & lean…these ones are super popular right now.

I prefer to wear silk scarves with very minimal outfits, where it is the star. I also love tying silk scarfs on my bag.
No matter what you choose, even if you make a simple knot or a more sophisticated one, I guarantee you will give your outfit a chic note!


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