How To Wear A Tulle Skirt Without Looking Like A Ballerina


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The feminine tulle skirt is shedding its fussy connotations to reveal an irrefutably chic day-to-night piece. You can play up the skirt’s girlish roots with ultra-feminine details without looking like a ballerina.

A tulle skirt is such a whimsical piece of clothing that when worn right, can maintain a classic elegance that has wedding written all over it.  The idea is to keep the look feminine with great accessories, that are toned down (black, nude, etc) so the focus is on the pop of the tulle skirt you’re wearing.  The long and short of it? I love a good skirt.  There is no doubt that this is an unconventional choice that a guest can make and by all means, do it!

For me, the tulle skirt was just too hard to style. The length put it in a weird and confusing place somewhere between midi and maxi and I finally got tired of trying to make the odd length work. This week I solved the identity crisis by chopping off a few inches, thus lodging it firmly into midi territory.

Now, I absolutely love tulle. I love the look of it, the feel of the material, and the way it moves when you walk, or better yet, twirl!

Now that I’ve got a workable tulle skirt that doesn’t hit me square in the thickest part of my lower leg, I’ve been scouring my closet for different ways I could wear it. The holidays are the perfect time for tulle! It dresses up really easily but, for me, dressing it down is even more fun!

When I find myself in a flirty-girly vibe and I want to play Carrie Bradshaw, a tulle skirt is the statement piece. But you may think beyond pink and white. A tulle skirt in an untraditional hue speaks to your fashion-forward sensibilities.

I don’t see it as a picky piece, to be worn only on special occasions or in summer.
Let me tell you what you can do with a tulle skirt, without being to much:

  • Wear it with sneakers and a hoodie
  • Wear a t-shirt, denim jacket and sneakers
  • Or denim shirt tied loosely in a knot
  • For an edgy look, wear the tulle skirt with a leather jacket, T-shirt and studded boots
  • For a vintage look, pair the cat-eye glasses and a bright red lipstick.
  • Throw over a soft cardigan with or without buttons.
  • Wear it with a shirt sailor for stripes go with almost anything.
  • If you want a feminine look, wear a delicate lace blouse.
  • Play with textures and pair it with a short coat of fur.
  • In the evening you can wear a metallic blouse or with sequins and red stilettos.
  • For an office outfit wear a shirt and jacket.

Accessorizing can often be a big challenge when it comes to making the tulle skirt outfit complete.  Don’t overdo it with a whole lot of sparkle.  Add a great statement necklace if your top isn’t patterned or textured.  If it is, think about accessorizing with bracelets and or a cocktail ring instead.

So ladies, once you follow these tips on tulle-dressing, you can add this little dose of magic into your outfit, and it will serve you for many fabulous outfits to come, without making you look like la ballerina!

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