International Macaron Day


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I decided to shamelessly take advantage of the fact that today is International Macaron Day and to leisurely enjoy them, as if this feast would save me from the caloric disaster, as if Oana would overlook this little sin for the sake of tradition. 😛

When it comes to macarons, I have a few fixations…that’s why I said “enjoy”, not “devour” 😛

  • The cookie-to-filling ratio should be between 1:1 and 2:1.
  • The filling should extend to the edge of the cookie.
  • The filling should be smooth, firm, and not sticky (this may not apply to the caramel filling, one that I can tolerate)
  • Aside from a few wayward crumbs, eating a macaron should be clean.
  • The texture and surface of the cookie should be very smooth. Bumps show that the almond wasn’t ground finely enough.
  • The crust of the cookie should be thin. I dislike dry, semi-hard crust that shatters into the soft center of the cookie.
  • Sweetness shouldn’t take over in a macaron. They come in a wide variety of flavors for a reason—so you can taste the flavor.

I already told you that eating Macarons is serious business! 🙂

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