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Rumor has it that did not get to catch our breath after iWatch and it’s possible that Apple might create iRing … a gadget equipped with motion sensors, microphone, camera and a small touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and certainly an option for the famous Siri. Being in the research stage everything is possible in terms of colors and material …gold/platinum/silicone
And it seems easy to handle with your thumb if placed on the index finger. It would be interesting if you could talk to it, to dictate messages that then send them via iPhone, tablet etc … and get vibrate notifications.
I see it like Arabela’s ring ☺
I have all kinds of ideas, but the girls are open to basically whatever Apple might bake in their lab, right ?
My son, who told me all these is sort of waiting for an iHomework application or even a gadget that could attend classes instead of the student. Well, hope dies last!

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