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Beyonce broke the Internet these days with the release of “Lemonade”. After this emotional roller coaster it is no longer a surprise to anyone where her musical career it’s going.
“Lemonade” is a visual masterpiece and an emotional volcano. After walking you through three thematic chapters entitled “Disclaimer”, “Anger” and “Apathy” you are settled into a coolly chilled pool of molten lava just in time for you to catch your breath.

It is a 60-minute film that talks about infidelity, discrimination, heartache, love, and resilience. It speaks to all women, especially African Americans, about the power unknown in silent suffering and desire for empowerment.
On the fashion side, we are delighted with outfits that come as a confirmation of her rank as Queen. What delights me beyond measure is that Maria Lucia Hohan comes along with Cavalli and Gucci.

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