Mahabis, The Essence of Chill


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I know I’ve suggested underwear as outwear. Then the apron outside the kitchen. Before you may consider me insane, I admit it all. 🙂
What I wanted to ask, have you ever been down to the corner store in your house slippers, by mistake?
It happens to me frequently. At first I went out like this by mistake, then I thought maybe laziness help me launch a trend. 🙂
Mahabis thought about it before. 🙂
See what great job they did with their slippers: they have a minimal approach and a soft lining, a friendly wool, ensures enough heat without sweating the foot and provides comfort.

The kind of outsole that provides grip, protection, easy and comfortable. The frame is collapsible for easy sliding.
Mahabis shoes are wonderful for that moment when you stop trying to change the world and you want to put your feet up and relax.
Shall I give you the slippers? 🙂

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