Makeup Tricks for Eyeglass Wearing Girls


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If you wear eyeglasses it would be ideal to customize a little your makeup and make sure it is visible even through their lens, but without overreacting.

If you consider a few tips, you can easily get a makeup to highlight your eyes:


  • Use gel liner. Not only does it stay on, but it’s super easy to apply too!
  • Mascara will highlight your eyes and really bring them out.
  • Save those bright and bold colors for your lips. You’ll have harmony in your makeup.
  • If you have thin frames uses thin eyeliner.
  • Use blush. Add a bit of color to your face and get that warm summer glow with a little bit of pink along the apples of your cheeks.


  • Adding a bit of shimmer to your lower lid is a great way to draw people in.
  • Double the liner to make sure that it shows up and you’ll see how beautiful your smokey eyes look behind your glasses.
  • Shape and define your brows.
  • Frames usually cast a shadow under your eye. Use a yellow-toned concealer to counteract the shadow.
  • Assort colored frames with makeup for a chic look.

If your eyes are outlined with mascara, your look is likely to come out more sharply, avoiding being uninterested in the way you look. At the same time, certain types of lenses (especially the thickest ones for myopia) tend to diminish the eyes, creating the sensation of narrowing the natural features faced by any person wearing glasses. With a matching make-up, even if you wear glasses you will have a perfect look!

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