New Beginnings


This post is also available in: Română (Romanian)


You covered my eyes with your hands full of sleep. The soul smelled of warm milk and our skin smelled of morning sleep sprawled in white sheets.
You loved me backlight; I started here and I didn’t know you ended there.
You watched me in amazement, nesting on a sky studded with clouds, the rocks crunching in silence.
I would have been very cold if it hadn’t been for your heated glance.
I was walking with small steps, fearing that you might lose me, fearing to hurry up and loose my footprints in the snow.
Backwards, there remained crumbs from the heart, hoping that you would not stray. My hair smelled of frost.
In the garden, far away, wet sheets lie down, damp, raw, dry like my skin when you don’t come, don’t know…
And I woke up… a new day, a new beginning.

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