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Today…I know that happiness does not ask permission nor explanation when it comes or goes.
If you’re too busy to look for it in others, you will miss it inside you.
Because if you look suspicious to the joys that you think you do not deserve, you forget to provide them.
If you’ll fidget constantly seeking ways to tile a loved one, you will not notice the love in his eyes.
If you have to ask yourself indefinitely if the other is happy, you lose your power to make him so.
That if you do not love yourself, you can not ask anyone to love you.

Today I know…that however you’d like some things not to change, you can not control everything in this world.
And I know that living with the thought of the change that should come, you forget to let yourself go with the flow and enjoy things.
I know that when someone tells you he loves you, there is no need to fear that it will not last forever, but it’s best to enjoy it then and there, even if only for a moment, that the man loves you.
I know that “tomorrow” has no meaning without a “today” in which you’d be happy.

Today…I stop. And live.

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