Palm Painting Is the New Hair Colouring Technique


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Now that we’ve overcame the madness with the ombre / balayage transition, which was the most requested technique in all hairdressing salons, let me briefly tell you about the new hair dyeing technique, namely palm painting.

If you envied Gisele Bundchen at least once  you know what I mean!

Basically, this method gives hair an aesthetic look, like when hair is beaten and discoloured by the sun without losing its shine.
This technique allows the stylist to work 100% handmade, making a combination of shades that lead to a natural and light hair shaving without visible gradients.palm painting neville hair and beauty

If you have some older stitches that you want to refresh or a non-uniform colour you do not like, you can try the new palm painting technique.
Color Director Neville Hair And Beauty in London, Marcos Verissimo, was the first to create this imperfect symmetry.
This technique is not usually applied on roots, but only on peaks and lengths.
Chances of failure are minimal to zero. But if you do not like what’s out, you can easily return to the original colour.


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