Vegan before 6 pm to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health


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Many people choose vegan lifestyles for many different reasons: for various health benefits, to lessen negative environmental impact or to support animal rights. But since it’s one of the most difficult dietary changes for most people, before attempting a full-on shift to a life without meat or dairy, I suggest you try the “vegan before 6PM” trend instead, which requires you skip animal products before your evening meal.

Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption

Also, reducing dependence on processed foods will lead to better health not only for your body, but also for the planet. And a simple evaluation of your diet can lead to meaningful changes.

Eating vegan part of the day works because there aren’t too many rules. You can stick with it for the first two-thirds of the day, and then you can eat whatever you want in the evening, thus hanging out with friends without appearing weird.

To help you in this endeavour, here are some of my favourite recipes:

  • French Toast with fruits. As soon as you engage in any dietary restriction, your body will always communicate your brain the naughty things it wants. Outsmart it with this vegan version of toast with a little Nutella and strawberries or any fruit you might like.. You can replace Nutella with maple syrup, if it makes you feel less guilty.
  • Quinoa with coconut and oatmeal. Drowned in chocolate sauce. Oooops!
    With chocolate at breakfast the day seems already easier.
  • Tacos with cheese and beans. There are days when fate makes you go to work after a hangover. That is the vegan solution to these days.
  • Potato soup with tortilla. You can prepare it on Sunday and if frozen, you may eat it for the next few days.
  • Gyros with tzatziki and mushrooms. It may successfully replace a meat gyros. It is delicious and consistent. You can add avocado.
  • Granola with turnips and chia seeds. Has so many followers due to creativity. Blend turnips, chia seeds, dried fruit and coconut. It’s nourishing and delicious.
  • Oats with apple sauce. In a Greek yogurt add oats, apple cubes and pour apple sauce. That’s the moment you’re craving for strudel, but want something healthy at the same time.
  • Doughnuts with wild blueberry jam. Small, but absolutely mind-blowing.
    They are full of antioxidants and protein. I suggest bringing them to work in order to get on yours boss’ (very) good side.


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