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It is no longer a secret that perfect haircut can do miracles in the appearance of a human being. Woman or man.

It is important that the hair stylist who cuts your hair knows how to choose the right haircut for your features.

Because every face shape can be used with a particular type of haircut, it is advisable to choose one that naturally complements your physiognomy, not something cool and fancy that you liked on your friend.

  • For a round face: it is good for the hair to create an elongation effect on the face. the hair on the side should be kept short, and the upper one left at a medium or even medium to long length and then arranged with gel or if you prefer a more natural look with wax.
  • For an oval face: The harmonious proportions of the face allow you to choose from a wide range of haircuts, but if you want to impress, try to avoid the ones with the bangs. Anyway, if you have an oval face, there is little chance of failing with the chosen haircut. You can also wear short hair on one side and a little longer in the hood area, straight or sideways arranged. Or long hair left on the back.

  • For a square face: The square face usually comes with a pronounced jaw. A masculine and extremely sexy feature. I recommend a short and uniform haircut, extremely simple to do with the clipper. You can also opt for a crest-like haircut, with the side hair having a medium length. What the English call faux hawk.
  • For an elongated face: a brace slightly arranged on one side reduces the length of the face in terms of the visual level. You can, however, choose different haircuts. A medium-length haircut, arranged on one side, could be an option, or the classic buzzcut (short and uniform).
  • For a triangular face: the haircuts that match the elongated men will look just as good as the triangular face. Less short hair, which would accentuate your jaw , that is already pronounced.

It’s important to go to an experienced stylist who has plenty of time to give your haircut the right attention. You will notice the difference.

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