Shut Up And Kiss Me


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I wonder who is the “fool” that invented the kiss?
And who’s the fool who invented the International Kiss Day?
There cannot be a kiss day, folks.
You cannot celebrate the kiss on a specific day.
Kissing is the most intimate, profound and meaningful gesture, it is the shortest distance between two people. The distance that makes you ignore whatever fault the man standing in front of you might have.
You immerse yourself in the other with a look that absorbes.
Kiss has the magical power to transform your bones into rubber and your minds into mush.
It may stop the speech when words are superfluous.
It is a farewell that resembles a welcome, something you can not give without taking and can not take without receiving. And like tears, it can never be taken back.
Deeper than sex, because you can taste the other’s soul in a kiss. You search for the soul in someone else’e eyes, not between your thighs.
When you kiss the beloved man in the corner of the mouth, you convey a world of unexpected sensations.
When the man kisses her forehead, he reigns far beyond spasms.
The rest is just a demonstration of manhood, power, and respect for a woman.
A kiss is fully encrusted, somehow more than an appealing anatomy could ever succeed.
When the kiss vanishes, there’s nothing left.


Tell me, if I’d catch you one day
and I would kiss your foot ,
Would you be limping slightly afterwards
for fear of crushing my kiss ?


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