Signs and sex-appeal


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Truth or dare? 🙂

Focus on the ankles and all that means shoes, socks, ankle bracelets.
Colors: turquoise, purple and silver.

Focus on the feet and immune system, collecting the shoes, loves coloured pedicures.
Colors: green and blue.

Emphasis on everything related to the head. Loves makeup and highlight their eyes, care for their hair, wears hats.

Colors: orange and red.

Emphasis on the neck. Loves reviving and rejuvenating various creams, neck scarves, necklaces.
Colors: pink and brown.

Accent on the shoulders and hands. Attracted to watches, bracelets, rings, dresses and everything that give sight to these areas.
Colors: yellow, blue, pink.

Emphasis on the lungs, breasts and stomach. Any views on abdomen and low cut neck are welcome 🙂
Colors: gray, white, red.

Accent on the back, spine and heart. Backless gowns are their resistance piece.
Colors: orange, red.

Emphasis on the stomach and intestines. Outline their waist, working the body, gives importance to the mind and body health (true!) 🙂
Colors: electric blue, turquoise (I confirm!) 🙂

Emphasis on cheeks, skin, skin care conscious and balanced diet.
Colors: yellow, pink.

Emphasis on the back, seductive people. Appreciate clothing items that highlight sex appeal.
Colors: silver and red.

Emphasis on hips and thighs.
Colours: red and purple.

Emphasis on the feet, knees. Attracted to sexy pants, shoes, high heels, elegant.
Colors: black and brown

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