Stylish Pregnancy


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The fact that you carry a life inside of you, other than your own, does not mean that it is justified not to take care of your image or dress inappropriate.
With a little good will and imagination, I think you can do the maternity time as stylish and elegant as any other time in your life.
First, I do not agree that a pregnant woman should wear loose clothing to hide her belly.
It is true that there are unforgiving colors and fabrics that you may want to avoid during pregnancy: bright colors, satin or strong prints. However, that does not mean it’s better to walk nine months dressed in black. 🙂
While loose clothing are more commonly used among pregnant women, I preferred thin and elastic materials, which gave me the lightness and comfort.
Moreover, during pregnancy the same style that characterizes me. 🙂 It is important for you to be in agreement with yourself!
Sexy mother, the only rule is the one you are comfortable with! 🙂



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