Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest


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Boys are sometimes educated, with the best of intentions, to control their emotions. Or transform emotional distress in anger.

So many get to prove their manhood when reaching maturity by punches shared generously, including in their marital home.
When they are immunized against a deeply emotional honesty, the results often have devastating consequences, because the earliest stirrings of a masculine identity at war with itself shows up.
Maybe the boys would need to confront their own fears?
Despite the metrosexual appearance of a tough guy stereotypes die hard.
Maybe they need to be taught to think beyond their own stereotypes?
Maybe they need to explore this distinctive feature of the male psyche – shame, fear of feeling sadness, despair or strong emotions other than anger. Not to mention the resulting alienation.
Unfortunately, a lot of men skillfully compose their masks, but their depths are not who they claim to be.
Is this emotional limitation in men’s life a benefit?
What if we’d encourage them to be assumed, would this benefit the whole of humanity?
It’s not like natural order of things will collapse completely.

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