The Liquid Blush


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I am big fan of the liquid blush. Me and many make-up artists.
If applied incorrectly, the blush can stand out in an unflattering way.
I mean, if you notice the world around you staring (possibly with the mouth slightly open) it might be the blush: possible the two clown cheeks balls…?
If you use liquid blush, the creamy texture of the application gives you enough time and the final look is very natural and fresh.

I like the blush to integrate with the skin and cheekbones appear to glow with natural health.
The liquid does not penetrate the skin immediately, so that you can rub until you reach the desired intensity.
I noticed that you may use it as illuminator and that enhances the cheekbones.
I advise you to avoid the liquid blush if you have a skin problem or pores closed off because you could highlight the problems.

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