The Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe


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I do not know where you plan to run off when the calendar shows it’s June, but I just see turquoise in front of my eyes, feel sand beneath the soles instead of the office carpet and smell the breeze in my nostrils. The top of the most beautiful beaches in Europe is always subjective.
If you put a frappe on my right, the lotion on my left and I see the SUP parked on the water’s edge, I get back into the world and become as coherent as needed so we can do an imaginative exercise.
I do not know what plans you have for this summer, but I’m in my mind I am every day on another beach.
There are so many beautiful beaches in Europe and I find it a difficult choice to exclude something.
I’ll try to synthesize my top choices as you may need suggestions:



Armação de Pêra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, a highly animated place with countless hotels, terraces and restaurants where parties are held until dawn. For adrenaline enthusiasts, on the west side of the beach, there are some rocks, caves and bays ready be explored.
Algarve is the place where, in the fifteenth century, the Portuguese explorers set off in the great adventure of discovering other continents and civilizations. All Algarve is now the place where the Portuguese are waiting for their tourists to open their doors and inviting them with impeccable services, hotels for all tastes and pockets, and last but not least with stretched beaches, guarded by rocks of the sun.


It is no secret that Goloritze beach, at the base of a canyon on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Despite its popularity, Cala Goloritze has the charm of a hidden oasis in the white sandy beach and the turquoise waves are crammed between limestone cliffs. In fact, this place in Sardinia is so beautiful that it has been listed on the UNESCO heritage list.


Macarella Gulf – Macarelleta is located in the southwestern part of Menorca and is part of the natural coast of the southern coast of Ciutadella.
Cala Macarella is placed on hills covered with pines and oaks, it is often warm enough to make it to the beach, even in winter. Macarella is an idyllic bay with fine white sand where the sea is a calm turquoise water pool.
The most famous pictures of the virgin beaches in Menorca come from Macarella and Macarelleta.


One of the most scenic beaches in Sicily is Cala Tonnarella, hidden in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Here you will find a fine, white sandy tongue and turquoise line waves, flanked by limestone ribs. Although you need to take a short hike to get there, the effort will be rewarded with an incredible beach with very few tourists.


The beaches of Mallorca, over two hundred in number, are among the most beautiful in Europe. Miles with fine sand, white or yellow, mirrored in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, bordered by steep rocks, the beaches of Mallorca are visited by millions of tourists annually. The most appreciated beach in Mallorca is Es Trenc, located in the southern part of the island, near Colonia de San Jordi. The 2 km long, with a very fine sand, Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s favorite beaches for nudists. It is one of the most famous beaches on the island due to its beauty. It is also a very quiet beach.


The Greek Islands are always a good idea when it comes to vacation, and Lefkada is one of the Ionian Islands. Picturesque landscapes, traditional taverns, good food, spectacular beaches, can you wish for more? If you get here, do not miss Kavalikefta, a small, but very, very beautiful beach with rocks on the waterfront.
Close to Kalamitsi, a small mountain village that welcomes you with a glorious Greek air, with many simple, but pristine houses with blue shutters on the windows, with many leandards and palm trees disordered on the road, there is an extremely wild beach. The beach is named Kavalikefta Beach and is another great place on the island. The beach is furnished with sunbeds and umbrellas. Along the small sandy beach, there is a parking lot and a small tavern. The beauty of the beaches of this island is hard to describe in words.


Also in Lefkada, about 30 kilometers from Kavalikefta, you will discover Porto Katsiki, another beach that you will irremediably fall in love with, along a high cliff. The most beautiful beach in Lefkada is about 40 kilometers from Lefkada Town, it is covered with white sandy gravel, bordered by steep cliffs, and the water is almost unreal blue.


Horseshoe-shaped, golden sand, set in the shade of a pine forest, Koukounaries is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Skiathos and one of the best in the Aegean. Most of the Romanian tourists who choose the island of Skiathos as a destination arrive here by charter planes, but they can also go by car, from Bucharest to the island being about 1,000 kilometers. Continental Greece from Volos can be reached by ferry.


The four islands belonging to the Ksamil Archipelago do not have a total area of ​​more than 8.9 hectares, but together they are one of the most beautiful places in Albania. Throughout the year, the islands are covered with lush vegetation and access to them is made only with small boats. Crystal water and wild beaches give you the opportunity to spend relaxing moments in a magical place and away from the agitation of summer resorts.


If we cross the Costa Brava we reach northern Spain, in San Sebastian, a short distance from the border with France. The most famous but also the most beautiful beach in the area is definitely La Concha, the name being inspired by its shell shape. Spain is renowned for its magnificent seaside and spectacular beaches, so it’s no surprise that these are found in all the charts and rankings. The beaches of San Sebastian are renowned throughout Europe, but Concha is distinguished by its location, its fine sand and the large number of activities and services it offers.


Known as the beach of the wreckage or the smugglers’ beach, Navagio is that bordered beach of high rocks that appears in all the photos of Zakynthos. There is also the shipwreck of Panagiotis ship, a smuggler ship, which failed in Zakynthos in 1983. Navagio can be reached by boat only, but the view here deserves any effort!
It is considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island, has small white pebbles and blue-turquoise water, in contrast to the white rocks. Access is only at sea, and from above you can admire a great panorama.


Playa de Migjorn is one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera. It stretches over six kilometers and you will always find a quiet place either on soft sand or on flat rocks, near a beach bar or somewhere in the dunes. Nudists, families and couples come to this beach, which is far away from tourist areas, being a place where everyone can relax.


I told you about the Algarve before, which has not less than 200 km of coast and beaches for all tastes: rocky, with grottoes, with fine sand, with waves or wild bays, rarely seeing a human foot. In Lagos you have a sample of each.
Praia de Albandeira Beach is halfway between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra. It is located in a part of the Algarve coast, which hosts many small bays and bays engraved in yellow calcareous rocks. All these beaches cover the same crystalline waters, golden sand and wonderful (and sometimes strange) rock formations.
What makes Albandeira Beach stand out among many of its neighbors is its size, easy access and, equally importantly, has a small, chic, “Bar O Pirata” café. Also, the rock formations here are quite interesting.
Praia de Albandeira is a great place for explorers of all ages. For kids, there are lots of tiny corners, cracks and pools to investigate with a relatively safe paddling.
Praia de Albandeira is divided into several small areas. Some of them can only be accessed by swimming around the stones (during reflux) or walking in shallow water (during the reflux).


Vai is one of the most famous beaches in Crete. The Vai Palm Forest is located 152 km east of Heraklion. It is the only natural beach in Europe that creates a feeling of protection, calmness, tranquility and reverie. It is at the end of a wild mountain road, sprinkled with small shrubs of different scented shrubs (from which I managed to distinguish the shrubbery) and whipped off that fly freely on the hills.
Vai  is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Crete and one of the most special places in the whole Mediterranean. Tourists come here not only for the tropical beauty of the palm trees, but also for the fine sandy beach that lies at their feet. Right, the road from Heraklion (the capital of the island) to Vai is hard to cross and not very many are willing to do. But once you get there, you realize the landscape deserves every effort.


Croatia is a favorite holiday destination for more and more tourists, and if we look a bit at the Dalmatian coastal landscapes, it is easy to understand why this country has become so popular. Situated in the Bol resort on the Croatian island of Brac, Zlatni Rat is the most beautiful beach in the area, its elongated shape changing according to weather. The beach is considered a natural monument. The shape of this beach varies according to the currents of water and the direction of the dominant wind. In the southern part of the beach there is a hot water stream, and in the north a colder water stream. If you take a seat on this beach, you will have both hot water and cold water with a simple move. It’s a very interesting thing that I’ve tried, and the sensation is extremely exciting.
The beach is made up of very small pebbles (not a sandy beach), where you can sit very comfortably without the need for a lounge chair, and the sea water is turquoise blue.

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