The Naughty Diet


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I hate rules, I am a foodie and unable to diet. Ever.

Basically, The Naughty Diet was written for me. 🙂
Too much stress around diets, food and all kinds of complexes.
Too much guilt for small culinary pleasures.
I’d say screw guilt and pass the wine! 🙂
In this book, some doctors and nutritionists help you see life and food differently.

Let me explain 🙂
It is well known that if you do not rest enough or your sleep is not one of quality, there is a greater tendency to gain weight.
Tryptophan (an essential amino acid that the body can not produce alone) is responsible for high or low levels of serotonin. You can find it in food or supplements. Its lack can be easily detected, if you notice symptoms such as insomnia, weight gain, carbohydrate craving or sweet, anxiety, irritability, etc.
Correct tryptophan intake helps regulate appetite, reduce stress and anxiety, cause sleep to be longer and more restful and balance your emotional state.

An adult needs an average of 7-8h of sleep / night.
If you lock the kitchen at a reasonable hour and go to bed, you win hours of quality sleep and loose weight more easily.
The statement is justified by a study done by these nutritionists who have made the following test: a group of people who were allowed to graze throughout the day and night only healthy and low fat foods and another group that had access to food only 8h/day, but were allowed to eat whatever they wanted.
The result was that the first group have gained, others lost weight, though they consumed the same number of calories.

Nutritionists also found that people who consumed a protein shake in the evening had a higher resting metabolic rate  the next morning.
Compared to carbohydrates or fats, protein quality is thermogenic, which helps in weight loss.
Smells and flavors. Certain scents can make your mouth water, and others can actually suppress your appetite (mint, banana, green apple, vanilla).
You can burn a candle with menthol before you go to sleep or put a few drops of mint oil on the pillow.
Temperature. Cooler is better. You might just burn stored fat while sleeping.

Sleep well!

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