The Ultimate Guide to Denim Shorts


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I have written about shorts before. With the denim shorts I have a special relationship. Apart from being versatile, they kind of lift the butt and emphasize curves.

It does not matter what’s your fashion style, if you prefer casual, elegant or pretentious clothes. Jeans are forever in trend. They can sort your dilemmas.
The only rule is to go to the gym before. There’s so important that you’re tall or short, but it is essential to have toned legs.
My styling tweaks are not many, but I have some preferences regarding the denim shorts:


  • Denim + sailor shirt
  • Denim + oversized white shirt
  • Denim + lace blouse
  • Denim + black silk chemise + blazer
  • Black denim + cape + Oxford shoes


If you have other ideas, please share!
Let’s summer!

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