The Viking Apron


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Can you believe that the apron dress could ever be a piece of elegance and extravagance? Or a fashionable, chic piece? Of course, if you take it out of the kitchen and wear it with attitude, why not? 🙂
Alicia Vikander had the courage to wear it on the red carpet and aroused admiration.
It is a piece of clothing quite versatile and it works equally well worn on the street in broad daylight, made of jeans, taffeta, in or doc.
For an edgy look opt for a black or navy apron, possibly leather.
For a sexy look you can choose a backless dress with apron, worn directly on the skin.
If you want to give your outfit a vintage air, wear a printed apron dress over jeans and a simple shirt. Comfortable and casual. And very easy to obtain.
You probably won’t believe it, but you can wear it with an office attire. It has to be black, worn over a white shirt and black leather leggings plus boots with staggering heels. 🙂
I wish you a stylish spring and remember that you only need a little imagination if you want to be chic! 🙂

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