Things To Do When You Travel

by Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Whether or not you’re an explorer, it’s surprisingly simple to travel like one. The key doesn’t lie in hush-hush secret spots passed on by word of mouth, but rather in intuitive everyday behaviors. Keen to transition from tourist to traveler? Read on and take note.


  1. Challenge yourself to do something different. Don’t plan every day. Pack a carry on. Go on a tough hike. Face your fears. Write a daily journal.
  2. Start digging for places locals attend. Spend an entire day with no set plans aside from exploring a neighborhood intimately.
  3. Take public transportation. Go by foot or take a bike. The best moments I have when I travel is when I hit the back streets and get lost as I roam around aimlessly.
  4. Purchase a souvenir from anywhere but the gift shop. not the made for tourist stuff
  5. Eat somewhere the locals recommended.
  6. Go on a trip outside the big city. Often, the most popular tourist destinations—though popular for a reason—overshadow some equally worthy yet smaller nearby locales you may regret missing.
  7. Learn the language. Or at least some essential phrases, so you’re not clueless upon arrival. Most people will appreciate your effort, even if you’re struggling.
  8. Hit the city at night. Night-owl or not, check out the different energy that settles over the city when the sun sets. Get dressed up and dive into some live music in bars, huge, pulsing clubs, or candlelit cafes.

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