Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall


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I am not ready for this weather. So I need to make a smooth wardrobe transition from Summer to Fall.
Even if I love cardigans, boots and fall outfits, I can’t give up most of my summer pieces.
To “satisfy” both seasons and make transition to winter easier, I mix them. Here’s how:

  • Because I can not give up the white dress and I don’t consider white to be exclusively for spring-summer, I wear the white dress with leather jacket, socks and clogs. Or sandals. You may wear boots too. For day time choose long or short black cotton socks, for evening silver or golden socks.
  • Wear layered shirts. Shirts of different colors, different sizes and with different prints. Attitude is what you need for this outfit. 🙂
  • Long skirt with boots and a light cardigan.
  • The skirt and jacket I wore with a silk blouse in summer I wear with a V cut sweater now. Cut in the front or back.
  • Vaporous skirts or tulle dresses worn with a hoodie or cardigan. I like the contrast between the two parts. Add Joshua Sanders snickers or boots.
  • Wear dresses over cigarette pants or long classics pants.
  • Overlapping two dresses. The underside is always of a thin, soft, fluffy texture, and the top of a thick or rigid one. Necessarily different lengths, different sleeve lengths.
  • Wear boyfriend jeans with white shirt and a garment over.

Make the wardrobe transition from Summer to Fall with inspiration, attitude and courage, so that you have the summer with you for a little longer!

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