Top 14 Makeup Tips if You’re a Ginger


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Makeup for redheads is not really piece of cake. But if you consider a few tips, you may get a look that only the redheads can get. The main ideea is to turn your little “flaws” into advantages. Let me give you a few tips for redheads that actually work:

1. The freckles. Don’t hide them, they are so sexy! Just some light powder or even some mineral foundation is a great way to keep your freckles beautiful!

2. Brown eyeliner. Choose brown eyeliner instead of black. It is always the best choice if you are a redhead because it’s lighter, not too heavy and doesn’t away from your red hair.

3. Peaches and brown for eyeshadow. This makeup tip for redheads does depend on your hair color specifically and your skin tone, but your freckles will look ideal with some peach eyeshadow!

4. Plum shades. Those work great on redheads, especially if you have green or blue eyes, you’ll get an unforgettable look.

5. Mineral foundation. Because it doesn’t look heavy on your skin and it will allow you to show off those awesome freckles!

6. Crimson blushes. Have the guts and wear it! It will look beautiful on your skin!

7. Light mascara. If you really want your eyes to stand out, just one or two coats and you can even try light brown.

8. Coral colors. A little coral on your lips or even on your cheeks is a great way to brighten up your face!

9. Earthy tones. If you are a ginger, wear lots of greens, browns and deeper tones that will really highlight your red hair.

10. Lip glosses. Redheads should remember to keep their lips simple. Tone it down on your lips, use a soft lipstick.

11. Coral lipstick. It is a pretty generic statement, but it will look great on you especially if you are the “don’t keep it simple” type.

12. Your eyebrows. Even if your eyebrows are natural and light, don’t try to mare them something they are not. Don’t paint them in a darker shade.

13. Green. It looks so great. It’s definitely the best color near your eyes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with all of the different shades out there to make your eyes stand out.

14. Gold. it’s a great choice for a night out.

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