Vertical fitness


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After learning that can burn more than 500 calories practicing vertical fitness, I started thinking seriously to take a break from running, rolling, Kangoo-jumps and other similar activities. 🙂

Pole Fitness is not only a great way to embrace your sensual side, but also has many health benefits, which should not be overlooked.
I find it much more demanding and complex than it first seems. Because it basically works all muscle groups.
In addition, it develops mobility, strength and balance.
In a meeting of 60 minutes I stretch too, and I find it absolutely wonderful after being stuck at a desk for at least 8h.
What I find challenging is the way to overcome your limits, if you get bored quickly with the classic workout at the gym (like me).

And because I am pretty attracted to this sport, I’ll go home and redecorate a bit…I’ll be back with impressions. 🙂

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